Commercial Polishing

Commercial Polishing Services, Sydney Wide

Do your tiles, or pavers need a makeover?

No problem with MLT1 Tiling and Polishing’s ‘Commercial Polishing’ equipment.

Places like foyers, kiosks, shopping malls office spaces, restaurants and bars all often have surfaces that, through use get scuffed and damaged. Commercial polishing is by far the most efficient way to buff out those marks and clean the existing surfaces, bringing it as close to new as possible.

MLT1 Tiling and Polishing’s commercial polishing equipment is designed for heavy duty commercial applications, so regardless of the size of your job, our equipment is designed to withstand the load.
|Whether it’s an internal, or an external application, you’re in safe hands with MLT1 Tiling and Polishings highly skilled and highly experienced technicians, so give us a call today and let us prove to you that we’re the real deal.

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